About Phillips & Phillips

Phillips & Phillips is an Insurance Services Company performing premium audits, commercial underwriting inspections, electronic recovery and personal lines surveys. With changes taking place in the service sector and at the encouragement of several insurance companies, Thomas and Susan Phillips started Phillips & Phillips in 1988 with an emphasis on providing high quality service at competitive rates.

Regardless of location or type of assignment, our policy is to provide the highest quality, consistency and integrity available to the insurance industry. Additionally, our audits are completed using Visual Audit, a computer-based audit application that is fast becoming the national standard in the insurance industry.

The staff is fully trained to produce work that meets the expectations and requirements of our clients. We work hard to obtain complete information, while being professional, tactful and courteous.

We will make every effort to complete all assignments on a timely basis. In some remote areas it may take longer, but the overwhelming majority of all physical audits and inspections will be completed and on their way back to the customer within a 45-day working time frame.

Phillips & Phillips can tailor our services as necessary to meet specific customer requirements, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional inquiries or questions. We know we can accommodate your particular needs and the staff at Phillips & Phillips looks forward to working with you.

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