Premium Audit

Phillips & Phillips provides fully automated physical, voluntary, telephone and preliminary audit services. Our veteran staff of auditors is qualified and trained to perform Workers Compensation, Commercial General Liability, Automotive-Fleet, Special Group, Dental and Health Plan audits. No matter the audit type, we make sure that each audit meets the client's requirements.


Physical Audits - Experienced field auditors, trained and kept up to date on all current aspects of premium auditing, visit the location of records address for a comprehensive on-site interview and review of business records. These skilled representatives provide not only the basic and necessary audit exposure information, but also furnish a detailed description of operations and any additional valuable information provided by the insured during the audit process.

Voluntary and Telephone Audits - Our staff of experienced auditors performs both voluntary and telephone audits. These nationwide services receive the same exacting diligence and attention that all of our physical audits command. With using veteran auditors and staff on these assignments, you can rest assured that all potential premiums have been explored and developed. These assignments can be designed and completed per our customers’ special requirements or by using our established formats.


Thanks to Visual Audit, our audits are easy to work with, clear and concise.

The areas of Visual Audit are easily discernable between the worksheet, summary, verification, recap, entity information, and description of operations.

Visual Audit’s limited pages and ease of use will cut down on your review and processing time!

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